Know your competitors on Shopee

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As a Shopee Seller, You want to be the best compared to the competition. We believe the best way to get ahead of the competition is to do store research.

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Know the Sales Details of Any Store

Not knowing who you are competing with is not a problem. Find detailed details on the performance of any store on Shopee. Know the best-selling products, turnover and number of visits that competitors have.

1 Research any store on Shopee, search by keyword or store name

2 See what products are sold in the store along with turnover data, visits, and more

3 Sort by turnover, price, sales, visits and reviews

Learn Store Sales Performance

1 Get information on turnover, visits, reviews and prices for all products sold in the store

2 See the overall information of the category

3 View full profile information

Millions of sellers have had success using data, are you next?

In America, for millions of Amazon sellers, using data is a must. Shopee sellers are just getting started. Be the first among your competitors.